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What I do like is the colour scheme. My review unit is mostly black, with a tasteful copper finish running around the sides and circling the dual camera on the rear of the device. The hint of coppery gold is a great highlight on the black body, adding something extra to the numerous phones that are simply black, white or gold. Nokia has followed the current trend of reducing the bezel surrounding the display. Nevertheless, this still feels likes a big phone.

A fingerprint scanner sits on the rear and unlocks the device fairly quickly. Viewing angles are excellent, too, as is outdoor visibility.

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That high resolution makes for detailed reproduction of images and videos, with individual pixels impossible to spot. Combine this with the super-wide display and the Nokia 7 Plus is great for watching Netflix.

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By default, Nokia tunes the contrast and saturation up slightly to add more pop to colours. Powering the Nokia 7 Plus are components that are great for the price. Specs are fine, but what really matters is how the device performs in day-to-day use.

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The Nokia 7 Plus is one of the few phones at this price that can comfortably compete with the flagship devices. Tasks such as scrolling through Instagram, typing out emails in Gmail and listening to Spotify on the go are all handled with ease. The Nokia 7 Plus is also capable of handling the majority of games without lag or dropped frames.

See the table below for the benchmark scores taken from Geekbench 4. Nevertheless, there are other aspects of the performance that are impressive: call quality is excellent, as are the microphones; and the 64GB storage is plentiful.

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Spy phone software nokia 7

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