How do you get a cheating husband back

He was in pieces. My children needed a whole father. I told him that I could only promise him that I would be his friend as he sought help for this.

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I figured that—once he was fully recovered—I would leave. Or he would. I was sure of it. Life continued to be a roller coaster of crazy highs and numbing lows.

Eventually, our sex life stopped altogether. The intimacy felt like too much. And I tried to become comfortable with that uncertainty. As I tried to heal, I watched my husband do the painful work of excavating decades of grief, facing down long-repressed abuse, and repeatedly showing up to support me in my own pain. It took a long time, which is another thing nobody tells you about infidelity: It can take years to get through.

Two to five, the experts say , though two is overly optimistic, in my opinion. So here I am.

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Our marriage feels rich and deep and fun, for the most part. Like any longtime married couple , we have our problems.

My husband, for instance, still tends to compartmentalize difficult feelings, while I prefer to put them under a microscope. End of story. You get to make your own choices based on yours.

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Elle Grant is the pseudonym of a journalist and author of Encyclopedia for the Betrayed , and creator of Betrayed Wives Club. As our relationships with food and exercise changed, we began to discover new sides of each other, too. All Rights Reserved. Open side menu button. My Spouse Cheated. By Elle Grant April 19, Latest News. Bugs and plants and pools, oh my!

Father, help him to confess his fault before You. I believe by faith that there is nothing too hard for You. So God, please intervene on my behalf so that we can be restored in a right relationship with one another and with You also, Amen.

Psalm , Psalm Dear Lord, I know that my husband has been having an affair and I pray this prayer of petition asking that You will deal and mend my broken heart. Help me Lord to endure and to not give up. I also ask that You will speak to my husband so he may see the consequences of his adulterous life style and that You will lead him to confess his sins.

I place You God at the centre of this marriage and I pray that through the unction of the Holy Spirit, my husband shall return home quickly, in Jesus Name. Share Pin Tweet. Photo: iStock Source:Whimn. From the moment we met, my husband and I had the perfect relationship - right up until the day he got a promotion at work.

Suddenly, he was travelling regularly — sometimes for weeks at a time. His business had opened up an office in Canada and he was tasked with running the launch and overseeing the new outpost. I knew it would create strain on our relationship but it was such a great opportunity for him.

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Marty had always been super-money focused and I knew he wanted the big pay rise that came with this job. But I was wrong. We grew apart over the next year. I resented being left alone for such long periods and I have to admit, even when he was home, I was resentful and critical.


On the other hand, Marty did little to try to make me feel better or bridge the physical and emotional distance between us. There was a huge emotional void widening between us. Marty started spending a lot of time on is computer when he was home. He said he had a lot of work to do, but I knew it was more than that.