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TheTrustSpy is a spy app or monitoring app. This is a free application that is supported by all platforms such as android, iOS and blackberry.

It includes:. Hidden call recorder — this feature if enabled allow the user to record all the calls whether incoming or outgoing from the device.

This feature is called as ambient recording. Website monitoring — TheTrustSpy tracks the web history of every day. It sends the browsing details to the user on their account.

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The user can check the visited websites; also the blocking option is giving. This enhances the parental control feature of the TheTrustSpy. Free key logger — key logger is essential software to monitor the keystrokes. This allows you to enter into their account.

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TheTrustSpy has many more features that are useful for Spying. Who can use it? View All Feature.

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This app can be downloaded from the official website, simply follow the steps given below if you want to use it. A free live demo is given on the website; watch to learn more about the TheTrustSpy. Once installed, all cell phone activities will be discreetly monitored and recorded with the data being sent to your user account for review and analysis.

How to Secretly Monitor Someone's Text Messages on Android [How-To]

So in addition to the features available to Spy Text Message, you will also be able to access advanced surveillance tools. HelloSpy is Best Text Messages Spy Software , one feature of our advanced Cell Phone Monitoring Software because unlike less sophisticated platforms, our system is truly designed to track all cell phone activities. Become Our Next Success Story. As a single mother of two teenagers, I just can't be there all the time to watch after them especially during these critical years.

A friend of mine told me about your text message spy software so I decided to install it on both of children's phones.

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Thanks to HelloSpy, I can now keep an eye on my babies-even when I'm at work! As an owner of a courier service, time is truly money.

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After cutting back on all the expenses we could, it still wasn't enough-the company was in trouble. But after secretly installing HelloSpy on all of our courier cell phones, we discovered how much time they wasted on deliveries.

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